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    Should cell phones be banned ?

    We received opinions all across the board. Read what JoAnn Fana, James P. Trakas, Syed Nehal, and Jim Zelasko had to say.

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    I feel strongly that...yes, we should Ban the phones. With people drinking coffee, putting on make-up, talking on cell phones it is quite dangerous out there.
    Thank You, JoAnn Fana

    I feel strongly that...cell phones are not causing accidents. Should we ban people with children who are making noise in the car? Should needy seniors who cannot care for themselves be banned? How about radios and CD players. Driver inattention is a problem, but it is not because of cell phones!
    James P. Trakas

    My opinion is, cell phones are ok, what should be banned is talking on it whilke driving....they should be required to pull over while using it. The phones are valuable for EMERGENCIES.

    Nehal, Syed

    My opinion is that....
    #1 The traffic on Rockside Road is so bad that I can have an entire phone conference with my clients while waiting at a traffic light! First fix the traffic problem, then worry about cell phones. The local news flyer brags about the beautiful new office buildings going up that hold thousands of people. All I can think about is the thousands of extra cars that will be on Rockside Road every day. It took me 45 minutes to get from Midtown Plaza to Rockside Woods yesterday! What city politician is worried about cell phones? They better be working on the traffic! What's next? No more radios or talking to your passenger while driving?

    #2 Regarding this "What do you think" e-mail without addresses or phone numbers may be discarded? We can't remain anonymous anymore either!

    Well, here it is! Call me when you get some good news.

    Jim Zelasko

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    Original Survey:

    Tuesday, May 22, 2001

  • Are cell phones driving us to ruin?

    Congress aims to eliminate hazards of drivers using cell phones.

    Three weeks after the serious injuries to supermodel Niki Taylor resulting from a distracted driver answering a cell phone, Congress is considering two versions of a bill that would allow states to either completely ban cell-phones in cars, or require the use of hands-free technology. Our neighbors in Brooklyn enacted a similiar law several years ago.

    Should car phones be banned in IndependenceOhio ?

      "... more than 115 million Americans have purchased cell phones since they became popular 10 years ago—and a full 80 percent of cell-phone users say they talk while driving"

    Excerpt from
      "Studies have found that close to 4,600 accidents are caused each and every day by people who are distracted. That's 20 to 30 percent of all accidents that occur," said Rep. Gary Ackerman, D-New York, who introduced the bill to the House.
    Excerpt from
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