Independence Katrina Response 2005.
A perfect time to be in Independence
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Bob Scott, Sat. Sept. 10, 2005)

City of Cleveland's Efforts

9/8/05 Call to action from Michael C. DeAloia, Senior Executive for Technology Support
9/10/05 Recommendations from earlier trip Bob Scott

  • Posted Sat Sept 10, 2005
    Contact Michael C. DeAloia City of Cleveland 216.664.3644(O), 216.857.2628 (M)
    City of Cleveland (posted Sat 9/10/05)
    From: DeAloia, Michael []
    Sent: Thursday, September 08, 2005 3:34 PM
    Subject: Tech Emergency Meeting: Conference Call Connection

    Based upon numerous conversations I have had with other tech companies in the region - I wanted to connect with everyone and ask for help in supporting the tech needs of New Orleans – its businesses, non-profits, civic organizations, etc. The City of New Orleans desperately needs to get its tech infrastructure up and running, and truly there is no better infrastructure and talent than what we have in the Cleveland region. I am asking for everyone to join me and the City of Cleveland in convening an emergency meeting next Tuesday, September 13 @ 10:00am.

    This meeting will be held in the
    Board Room at Thompson Hine –
    located at 127 Public Square, Key Tower – 39th Floor.

    Immediate needs would be the following:

  • Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity (We need to get all businesses, schools, hospitals, civic institutions live with their data as soon as possible.)
  • Web Site Development & Hosting (We need groups to help develop, manage and host web sites for New Orleans’ entities.)
  • Software Support/Software Talent

    I am asking all of us to work as a team to support any and all IT needs of New Orleans, at this meeting on Tuesday we will all discuss what we are willing to provide – be it money, talent, facilities, software and other support. These are immediate needs but certainly other tech emergencies will arise and I would like for all the great tech companies in the Cleveland region to give what they can. All I ask is that we be as creative and ingenious as possible. Tenth Floor has generously agreed to build a website that will display what each and every company in the Cleveland region is willing to provide. We will use the Office of Economic Development and the Mayor’s Office to make sure the New Orleans region is aware of what is available to them.

    If you cannot attend, PLEASE SEND SOMEONE IN YOUR STEAD. I want us to rally like no other region in the U.S. and I want the Cleveland area to be the region that can support all of the IT needs of New Orleans. We have the capacity and the talent to make a difference like no other group. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me at the numbers listed below or to RSVP please email me at

    I want to thank you for your time and for your support. Please forward this message to those I have missed and would like to participate in this endeavor.

    For those of you who cannot attend in person, but can dial into a conference call – I have included below the number to call. Again, any questions feel welcome to contact me @ 216.664.3644 or at

    Conference Call Information:
    Toll Free: 1-888-453-4221
    Passcode: 216-566-5544

    Michael C. DeAloia
    Senior Executive for Technology Support
    City of Cleveland
    216.664.3644 (O)
    216.857.2628 (M)

  • Posted Sat Sept 10, 2005 Recommendations
    Reply Sent: Saturday, September 10, 2005 11:07 AM
    Re: Tech Emergency Meeting: Conference Call Connection
    Subject: FirstHand information from visits by Independence to Baton Rouge

    I was in Baton Rouge this week delivering supplies. I run Rampant (commercial web site hosting and facilities)
    I HIGHLY suggest you read through our account at if you are considering any response. This first response was for critical supplies only, nothing to do with technology but some lessons will help you with Mr.DeAloia’s concept as well.

    Net, net… YOU MUST bring your own infrastructure. People in the area have be completely self sufficient. I mean everything from sleeping arrangements, food, phones, satellite phones in some areas, power (generator), gasoline, not to mention pens, pencils, bug spray and bandaids.

    We are working towards an Independence Business center in (no surprise) Independence, Lousiana, at Exit 40 up the road. It provides a staging area, which is critical. You CANNOT go directly into the areas of devastation without regrouping on the perimeter. You will not be allowed in many areas, such as St.Tammany, New Orleans or similar areas.

    All of us can combine forces and share info but advise work towards multiple, smaller “business cells”. Command and control in the area is too difficult. Even back in Cleveland, you have to break things into smaller groups so 50 people aren’t involved in a single meeting. “Big” efforts will bog down if they require handholding and coordination. You’ve got to break it apart which you’ll find at the first meeting. A few resourceful people with the ability to think and act independently can move much faster.

    So, build small independent business cells, with good communications back here. They will be able to adapt to local situations, which vary dramatically from place to place and change constantly. Each city or business group has to have the capacity to take care of their own and can coordinate without 200 people in a meeting. We would be happy to join together in a cell with 5-10 businesses, with names and numbers, a group that size that can pull together the support necessary to take care of ourselves. Send contact information to

    Good information from the field is critical. Contacts in the field, who know what they are doing. We were very fortunate to have such. We knew exactly what to bring, how and where to get in (avoiding huge issues), and how to get out. Even so we were hammered by issues. Lots of people are learning from each groups earlier mistakes and will continue to do a better job each time. START with in-field contacts.

    The huge “show of support” will feel good but trust me that they already know we care. Build small independent teams with direct and specific objectives.


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